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Last update: SEPTEMBER 2014 

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Sick of setting up a tent?

Hire a Bean Offroad Camping camper trailer !

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Discover Australia further by setting up quicker & easier with a Bean Offroad Camping trailer.

Bean Offroad Camping offers a Cub Camper Trailer Hire service in Sydney for both on and off road vehicles. Looking at buying a Cub Camper Trailer?... why not try before you buy. 

Just keep it simple and hire just the trailer and take all your own camping gear, or hire everything from us including pots, pans, cutlery and plates, etc. We have Waeco fridges and Honda generators, camping chairs and tables, as well as mattresses for the kids.

As keen campers for the last 22 years, we will show you that there is more to "roughing it" than spending that last hour of daylight setting up a tent.

With our Cub Camper Trailers equipped with double sized beds, 2 burner gas stoves and slide out pantry, you will be sitting around the camp fire sooner and be the envy of your fellow tent traveling buddies! Not only that, you will have more room in your car because our camper trailers can be packed away with all your goodies, including the bed made up, all before you even start your journey.

Whether you are heading to a powered Caravan Park or a patch of dirt in this vast country of Australia, Bean Offroad Camping has a solution for your next holiday adventure. No need to spend hundreds of dollars on accommodation and restaurants each night. With a Bean Offroad Camper trailer your trip will be all but complete.

We offer a Cub Daintree LE Offroad, a Cub Daintree Offroad and a Cub Weekender Transcontinental. All of our Cub Campers have a hard floor which means no more sleeping on a damp ground next time there's a heavy shower.

You'll be amazed at the storage space with these trailers inside and out. Storage space inside our trailers, under the bed, are 1180mm by 1220mm, with a maximum height of 250mm. And if you want to take advantage of space on top of the trailer in the roof basket, there is space 1340mm by 1610mm available, with a weight limit of 80kg. There is a small tool box on the front A frame, which is good for a few tools, all your rope and tent pegs, a jack and the jockey wheel. Also, both our off road trailers have enough space on the front of the trailer for 2 jerry cans of additional water.

And no need to have a special hitch on your vehicle, we look after all of that for you.

In the kitchen there is even a pantry drawer for all your dry food goods or pots and pans, and cuttley, etc. And if you don't want to take any of your own kitchen items with you, we can pack one of our kitchen boxes which has all the basic kitchen necessities to get you through your trip. Check out our optional extras including what we include in our kitchen supply box on our what's included page. 


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